Antique China, Linens and Sewing Machines at Heritage Park

Twice a year Heritage Park holds an antique and collectibles sale. I only learned about this sale in October (where I purchased a lovely Singer 128 sewing machine), but wanted to be sure make it to its spring counterpart in April. 

It's fun to go to an event in the park during the off-season as you're allowed to drive down into the park and there's no fee to get in! The antique sale is held in one of the large Chautaqua tents and you can park right behind the tent so that makes it easy to carry out your treasures (you really didn't think I'd go to a sale and not walk away with something, did you?).

Some of the items in the sale are from donations that Heritage Park has received and some are from their collections. 

Hp tools.jpg

The items are all sorted and spread out on table cloth covered tables. I love how the china is all set out which allows you to see it very well. In addition to several sets of china, there were dining room sets, record albums, luggage, vintage linens (yum!) and tools. Something for everyone!

While I love china, I really don't have the space or use for more sets, so I contented myself with snapping photos of some of the more appealing sets. 

There are always a few old sewing machines at the sale and this year there was a treadle in a beautiful carved cabinet as well as a very old Singer hand crank model. I don't need another treadle in the house, although it was a gorgeous cabinet, and the hand crank Singer was too rusted to be appealing to me - and priced more than I would've paid for a machine in this condition.

HP treadle machine.jpg
Hp treadle drawer.jpg

I did like these antique china bowls - such beautiful colours on them - but at $139.00 for the set, that was too rich for me.

HP china bowls.jpg

While I could identify most of the items there, this one puzzled me. It's a candle wick trimmer - and I really should've bought it, but the "as is" on the label made me hesitate.

There were lots of vintage linens though and these were reasonably priced. I did pick up several of these that were in very good shape. 

Hp doilies.jpg

Interestingly enough they had received donations of yarn and were selling these at $1.00 a skein or bag. I picked up some linen/cotton blend yarn that looked like it would work for couching. At $1.00 for two large balls of yarn, I couldn't pass it up.

It was a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon and I'll be looking forward to the next show in the fall.