Telecast Thursday - Bohin Double Needle Threader Review

Do you have problems threading small eyed needles?

I like to use size 10 sharps when hand stitching on my binding and struggle to get the thread through the small eye on this size needle.


I've been using the Clover Double Needle Threader and it works okay, but I find that the metal part that you use to thread the needle becomes distorted over time and eventually breaks, so I have to buy a new one.


I also need to have my reading glasses on to use this product - so I can get the thread into the metal part - but I've found a wonderful alternative that I'm loving: the Bohin Double Needle Threader.

This product threads my needles easily and best of all I don't need my reading glasses to use it!

Watch the video below or on my Youtube channel to see how easy it is to use the Bohin Double Needle Threader.

If you're having trouble threading your small eyed needles, give the Bohin Double Needle Threader a try - you'll find it a snap!



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