Crazy at the Cabin Book Review

I wish I had a cabin by a lake so I'd have an excuse to make some of the projects in Crazy at the Cabin by Janet Rae Nesbitt. My brother does have a cottage in Ontario,and I could definitely see a few of these quilts gracing the cottage walls.

I first thought that this book was about crazy pieced designs, although the design on the front cover certainly didn't look like a crazy quilt! Once I opened up the book and read about the technique that Janet is using to create these projects, I realized that this was not the case at all. The technique used in the book involves layering fabric one on top of the other and cutting out design shapes from them and then recombining them into the finished design. At least that's my interpretation of it, although Janet explains it much better than that. It's sort of like shuffling a deck of cards - you get a new and unexpected arrangement.

There are a variety of projects in this book from wonky, funky designs to more elegant, traditional looking ones: something for everyone.

I thought that this was a very interesting technique and found the projects appealing. These patterns were reminiscent of Buggy Barn designs; no surprise there as Janet was the designer behind that hugely popular pattern company.

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