Telecast Thursday - Cutting Batting with the Brother ScanNCut

Welcome to the first Telecast Thursday of 2016! I'm excited to be starting the new year with a  video about using the Brother ScanNCut.

I always have extra bits of batting left over from my quilt projects. I keep these pieces separate from my larger - and more usable - batting pieces until I figure out what to do with them. Looking at these batting bits and pieces made me wonder if I could use them for more than just dust cloths. I can up with this idea: use them to cut appliqués with the Brother ScanNCut. 

Watch the video below or on my Youtube channel to see how easy it is to turn your extra batting bits into useful quilting embellishments.


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If you own a Brother ScanNCut, let me know what you're creating with it in the comments below.

NB: I own the Brother ScanNCut CM550DX (the first generation of ScanNCut machines).