Squaring Up Fabric with Rulers

It's another Telecast Thursday and this week I'm addressing a question that I've heard many times: how to I cut my fabric? Do I use the lines on my ruler? Do I use the lines on the cutting mat?

There are many ways to cut your fabric, but you always want to start your cutting with a straight edge, so the most important part of cutting your fabric is how to straighten your edge so the rest of your cuts will be straight.

I use the lines on my ruler to straighten up my fabric edge and I'll show you that in the video below, but before I can start cutting, I want to be sure that my fabric is folded evenly. if the fabric is askew, so will be the cuts!

Watch the video below to see my technique or view it on my YouTube channel.

There are many ways to straighten your fabric edge, but this is the method that works best for me.

How do you straighten the edge of your fabric? Leave me a Comment below to describe your technique.



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