Dan the Quilter Man - Scissors and Cats

Never let it be said that Dan the Quilter Man is a quitter (or a quilter, for that matter!). He is not going to let the unfortunate outcome of his initial steps into the world of quilting stop him. Not while he is still breathing anyway. It is pretty clear that Dan is not ready for the more complex (i.e. sharp) tools in a quilter’s toolbox, so it is time to explore something a little more common. How can you go wrong with a pair of scissors?


Well, apparently Dan can find a way.. Most people take pleasure in using well-designed tools for the purpose for which they were designed. Cutting fabric with a good pair of scissors is a sublime effortless experience when they are used correctly. On the other hand, never let it be said that Dan is afraid to explore alternate uses for perfectly good tools. In some ways you have to admire Dan’s sheer inventiveness in the ways he can create injury-inducing moments out of perfectly common situations.

Watch the video below or on my Youtube channel to see how you shouldn't use scissors.

If you do use scissors for your quilting projects, please don't follow Dan's example and keep them away from cats.