Telecast Thursday - Dan the Quilter Man & the Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

It's Telecast Thursday and today I'm turning my blog over to an "experienced" quilter, Dan the Quilter Man. You may already have seen Dan in some of my previous blogposts and videos. (If you have, you'll know why I'm using the term, experienced, with reservation!).

You may have noticed that Dan has a couple of buddies, Charlie and Teeka, who are accompanying him in his journey to embrace his new quilting hobby. While Charlie and Teeka could be considered reasonably intelligent and responsible (especially when compared to Dan) they are no substitute for the adult supervision that is so desperately needed.


Dan’s innate ability to discover risky and unanticipated uses for perfectly good quilting equipment reaches a new level when he discovers a vintage sewing machine from his wife’s collection. You may think that Dan could find sewing machines to be dangerous considering that they include sharp objects (i.e. needles) combined with motors and electricity, but it is never that simple. Dan continues to surprise when he combines that (unwilling) assistance of his buddies with a Singer Featherweight sewing machine.

You can watch the (disastrous) video below or on my Youtube channel.

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I hope you're using your vintage sewing machine for its intended purpose - to stitch. Remember, don't be a Dan!