Essential Oils in the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray

I recently received a comment on my YouTube video about the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray that you can make yourself. (If you haven’t seen the previous videos on this amazing and easy to make spray, you can find them here).

The comment was:


"Have you or anyone else ever considered adding some type of fragrance? If so, I'm wondering what would work best.” From JB


The Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray has quite a strong medicinal odour and it would be great if something could be added to it to change it to a more pleasant smell. I’m not a parfumière, but my first thought was to add essential oil to the spray. So I did. I added several drops of lavender oil to the already made spray and let it sit for several days.

In addition to changing the smell to something more agreeable, I wanted to be sure that the spray would not leave an oily mark on my fabric. I sprayed some dark batik and then sandwiched it, just as I would for a quilt. And then I left it to dry overnight.

Sample sandwiches for testing

Sample sandwiches for testing


Here’s what I found:

1.     The essential oil didn't dramatically change the smell of the spray

2.     The spray did/didn’t leave a mark on any of the fabrics

Teeka, the sample inspector

Teeka, the sample inspector


I found that I had to add more lavender oil to the spray than I would’ve thought to change the smell of it at all. Unfortunately, I couldn't ever completely erase the medicine-y smell of the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray, even with lots of lavender oil drops. The good news is that the added oil did not stain any of the quilt sandwich samples. 

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If you have any suggestions as to a method of improving the smell of the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray, please leave them in the Comments below.



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