The Forgotten Featherweight

You’ll never guess what I just tripped across while rearranging furniture in my quilting studio: a SINGER® Featherweight sewing machine! Okay, I know I have two of these machines already: a 221 and a 222K, but I didn’t remember that I have three of them. I guess I do!

My hubby was just as surprised as I was. When I took a closer look at the machine I remembered when and where we got it – and hubby was with me when I picked it up. It seems that I wasn’t the only one who had forgotten about this purchase!

This “forgotten” Featherweight was acquired several months ago in north Calgary. This was an impulse purchase – okay, most of my vintage sewing machine purchases are – but I really jumped on this one quickly as the price was so good. I found it on kijiji – I read kijiji ads every day like other people read the morning newspaper – and when I saw the price I immediately sent an email to the seller. Once I confirmed that the sewing machine was still available, I jumped in the car with my cash in hand.


I have an evaluation kit that I take with me when I’m looking at purchasing a “new” vintage sewing machine. I was in such a hurry, that I almost forgot to take it with me, but remembered and grabbed it just before I jumped in the car. I was so glad I did!

When we got to the seller’s home, the machine was in his garage and the lighting was dim. I immediately grabbed my flashlight from my evaluation kit so I could check it out thoroughly. After determining that it did indeed stitch – again thanks to the machine needle and thread spool that I carry in my kit – I took a closer look at the case and attachments that were included with the machine. The attachment bin that is attached on the left side of the case was missing a screw, but I knew that I could fix this pretty easily, so this wasn’t a deal breaker. The sewing machine oil that I carry in my evaluation kit wasn’t needed to get this machine running as the machine was very clean and had been recently oiled, but this isn’t usually the case. I didn’t need some of the other items in my evaluation kit, again due to the cleanliness of the machine.

While I was tempted to just grab the Featherweight and go, I was glad that I had my evaluation kit with me so I could really check it out before making the purchase.

Watch the video below or on my Youtube channel to see more about my evaluation kit.

To help you set up your own evaluation kit I’ve created a FREE printable Vintage Sewing Machine Evaluation Kit download. Print it out now so you can start setting up your own evaluation kit to take with you when evaluating a potential vintage sewing machine purchase.

With your own evaluation kit, you’ll always be ready to check out a vintage sewing machine for purchase.

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