What is a Grip n Grip?

I recently took a look at the Grip n Grip by Bear Thread Designs, Inc. You may be wondered what the heck is a Grip n Grip? I was wondering too, so let's take a closer look at it.

As the name implies, the Grip n Grip's primary goal is to grip to something. Lucky for us quilters, the Grip n Grip works really well in gripping what we usually work with: fabric!

The Grip n Grip is a rubber-like substance on both sides and both sides grip in the same way. You just need to smooth it down on a flat surface - an ironing board or counter top - and can then put fabric on it and it grips the fabric and stops it from moving around. This is so helpful when you want to mark or draw on fabric, such as when you are making a quilt label.

I've found a few other uses for the Grip n Grip and you can see these in the video below or on my YouTube channel. 

What other uses do you think the Grip n Grip would be helpful for? Please leave me a Comment below if you have other ideas or if you have used the Grip n Grip in your quilting studio.


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