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Christmas is less than a week away! Are you ready? I'm just about ready - there always seems to be last minute baking and wrapping to be done. I'll be taking a break over the holidays to spend time with my family, so there won't be a blogpost or YouTube video next week. 

I hope you have a relaxing and joyful time with your family and friends and I'll see you with new, fresh content on January 2, 2018.


I recently took a look at the Grip n Press by Bear Thread Designs, Inc. As the name implies, this is a product that both grips and allows you to use it as a pressing surface. Let's take a closer look at this helpful item.

One side of the Grip n Press is a black, rubbery surface, while the other is a shiny, silver one. The black surface grips, while the silver one is where the pressing will be happening. Once you've smoothed the Grip n Press down onto a flat surface, you can put your fabric on top of it and then press it. So it's really a portable pressing surface! 

Once you've finished using the Grip n Press, you can roll it up and store it in a cardboard tube (a paper towel tube is great for this). Since it is portable, this makes it perfect for taking to a quilting class or retreat.

NB: I would be cautious using the Grip n Press on a surface that isn't heat resistant, just in case the heat of the iron might damage it.

To see the Grip n Press in action, watch the video below or on my YouTube channel. 

Please leave me a Comment below advising of other uses for the Grip n Press.


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