Improvisational Stitch and Flip Block

Another Telecast Thursday has arrived! And another stitch and flip quick quilt block has joined it!

This week I'm going to show you how to make an Improvisational Stitch and Flip block - or as I call it "the drunken version" of the Uneven Stitch and Flip block". You'll soon see why.

To start you will need:

  • 1 background block (I used a 4" square)
  • 4 pieces of fabric

You have probably noticed that I didn't say "4 corner squares" as I usually do. This is because you don't actually have to use squares on the corners of the background square. Remember, this is an improvisational method, so you can just use a piece of fabric, but there is a condition: it must be large enough to go all the way across the background square at the corner and extend out over the edge of the background square when you "flip" it by at least 1/4". It's easier to understand what I mean by clicking on the image below to watch the technique video.

One important note about this method: you need to press the corner fabric out to the background square corner before adding fabric on another corner. You will also have to trim off the extra corner fabric before moving on to the next step.

Did you notice that you don't need to mark a diagonal line on the back of the corner pieces of fabric? This is truly an improvisational method :) It's also a great way to use up scrap fabric and who doesn't have scraps that they want to include in a quilt?!

Keeping with the unplanned method of making this block, you don't have to add fabric on every corner of the background square. Experiment with adding fabric on diagonal corners of the background square, or on adjacent corners or maybe just on one corner. You can play around a lot with this block, so have fun with it!

Do you see why I call it a "drunken version" of the Uneven Stitch and Flip block? It definitely has an unplanned, wonky look to it!

Truth: I am not really an improvisational type of gal and have a really hard time using this kind of a technique, but I'm working on it. I'm curious: leave me a Comment below or on my YouTube channel to tell me if you are comfortable with improvisational quilting, and if so, if you have any tips to make it easier for me.



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