New Janome MC9450 Overview

  I’m thrilled to introduce you to my newest sewing machine: the Janome MC9450. Maybe I should say that Victor would like to introduce you to the new machine!

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This wonderful new machine has so many wonderful features that it’s difficult to say which is my favourite. You can expect to see more videos and blogposts about the Janome MC9450 in the future, but today I just want to give you an overview of some of its helpful features.


The first thing I noticed is the excellent lighting on the Janome MC9450. There are LED lights in the throat space and with the pull out High Light, there won’t be any dark areas when you are sewing or quilting with this machine. I definitely need lots of light when I’m quilting and the Janome MC9450 certainly delivers in this area! No additional clip on or set-up-next-to-the-machine lights required.

Janome 9450 High Light - 1.jpg

In addition to good lighting, I need a sewing machine that threads itself. Okay, there aren’t really any of those (yet) on the market, but the Janome MC9450 comes close with its superior needle threader. This machine has an upgraded thread guide that feeds the thread right into the needle threader and it works every time. I consider a good needle threader an essential feature on a sewing machine due to my monovision which makes threading a sewing machine needle quite difficult for me. This may be my most favourite feature on the Janome MC9450.

As a quilter, I need a good ¼” foot, a walking foot and a ruler foot and the Janome MC9450 comes standard with all of these feet and many more. There are several choices for the ¼” foot from the O foot with a guide to the O foot without a guide, as well as the HP foot and needle plate. The Janome MC9450 comes with the AD AcuFeed Flex foot – what I call a walking foot – and an additional narrower AcuFeed Flex HP2 foot which combines the technology of the AcuFeed Flex system as well as a ¼” foot. The perfect combination when I’m sewing on borders or binding strips.


The Janome MC9450 comes with so many feet and accessories that I was worried about storage, but I shouldn’t have been as this machine comes with 3 storage areas. There is the storage container that fits around the machine bed and opens up with 2 storage areas. In addition, the Janome MC9450 comes with a separate box that holds all of the remaining accessories and has room for those additional ones that you might want to purchase.


One of the new features that I haven’t yet had a chance to try is the Tapering function. I know that this is going to be so handy for garment sewists and quilters too. I love doing fusible web appliqué and can see how helpful the Tapering function will be in reducing the width of my stitches when I am coming to a point on an appliqué. I’m looking forward to exploring this function and will let you know all about it in next month’s Janomelife blogpost.

Click on the image below to watch a video highlighting these, and more, features on the Janome MC9450.

More videos on the Janome MC9450 will be on my blog and YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified when new blogposts are available.


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