What Feet and Accessories are Included with the Janome MC9450?

Have you ever bought a sewing machine and then needed to buy additional feet or accessories as they weren’t included with the machine? I’m sure we’ve all been there, but this isn’t the case with the Janome MC9450. This machine comes pre-loaded with all the feet you’ll need whether you are a quilter or another type of sewist.


As a quilter, you are looking for a machine that has an accurate ¼” foot, a walking foot, and a free motion foot The Janome MC9450 has you covered with an assortment of feet in all of these areas. There are several foot choices for stitching that perfect ¼” seam (any deviations are definitely operator error in my case!) from the O foot – with or without seam guide - to the definitely-my-favourite HP foot and needle plate.

If you like to use a walking foot to add borders or binding, you now have the choice of either the AD Dual Feed foot or the new HP2 AcuFeed Flex professional grade foot. You’ll quickly become obsessed with this foot which is the perfect combination of a ¼” foot as well as a walking foot. It doesn’t get any better than this for stitching on long borders or binding strips since that perfect ¼” seam is guaranteed.


When it comes to free motion or ruler quilting, again, you’ll have all the feet you’ll need with the Janome MC9450. Whether you want to do some ruler quilting with the QR Ruler Work foot or need to do some free motion quilting around an appliqué with the QV Free Motion Quilting Zigzag foot (yes, it’s for variable zigzag stitching, but its dish-shape works so well to avoid catching on appliqué pieces) , the Janome MC9450 comes pre-packaged with these and many more free motion friendly feet.

What if you’re a garment sewist? No problem! The Janome MC9450 has feet for that purpose too. The HP AcuFeed Flex foot can help when you want walking foot capability in a narrow area. Need to add a zipper to your dress or pillowcase? The Janome MC9450 comes with the E Zipper foot that allows you to stitch zippers with ease (i’ve used it for pouches). The Janome MC9450 includes the Automatic Buttonhole Foot  R with a Stabilizer Plate that allows you to create different buttonhole styles. You’ll also receive the Button Sewing Foot T so you can use the Janome MC9450 to sew on your buttons – no hand stitching required!

If you need help with blind stitching your hems (no one wants to see the stitches on hems!), you’ll find the Blind Hemming foot G very helpful. The Cloth Guide will help ensure that your seams are stitched exactly where they need to be and it is included with the Janome MC9450.


Now you’re probably wondering how you are going to store all of these feet and accessories. Again, the Janome MC9450 has you covered with a two-sided accessory storage bin that fits around the machine bed. New with this machine is the separate accessory case which has a lift-out tray and additional storage underneath it. Lots of room for the feet and accessories that came with the Janome MC9450 and room for any additional accessories you might purchase.

I’ve only mentioned a few of the feet and accessories included with the Janome MC9450. Click on the image below to see all that you’ll receive when you purchase the Janome MC9450. You’re going to be amazed!

Whether you’re a quilter or another type of sewist, I’d like to know what your go-to foot or accessory is on your sewing machine. Let me know in the Comments below.


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