Telecast Thursday - Organization with Wunderlist

It's Thursday again, and you know what that means: another episode of Telecast Thursday.

I have a hard time keeping myself organized. Okay, really, I have a hard time keeping my distractions to a minimum, and it can seem that the tasks I have to do in my business seem to be overwhelming. I need a system to keep myself organized. I need a system that will categorize my tasks and break them into smaller chunks. I need a system that will send me reminders - and keep sending me reminders - of the tasks I need to accomplish. Thankfully, there's Wunderlist!

Wunderlist is an app that you can use on your computer, your iPad or your smartphone. Okay, if you don't like to use technology, just hear me out first before you discard this method. I also like to have paper in my hand and Wunderlist allows me to print out my tasks so they are right in front of me.

Check out the video below or on my Youtube channel to see why I love this app.

Do you have a favourite method to keep yourself organized (or are you easily distracted as I am?)? Let me know what your system is and why you like it in the comments below.

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