Ruler Quilting is Now Here!

The wait is over! For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the “official” ruler foot to be released, you’ll be thrilled to know that the QR ruler foot is included in the Accessory Upgrade kit for the Janome 9400. (If you're not familiar with the Accessory Upgrade Kit and what feet are included in it, click here.)

Once you have upgraded the software on your Janome MC9400, you’ll notice that there is a new addition to your display screen: RW or Ruler Work. By choosing one of the options under this menu, the Janome MC9400 will automatically ensure that there isn’t any problems using the automatic presser foot lifter and the QR foot. No need to worry about breaking a needle, damaging the presser foot or the Janome MC9400 itself.


I had the opportunity to try out this new foot on my Janome MC 9400 and I love it! The QR foot is integral with its own foot holder, much like the Janome HP foot, which makes it super quick to attach to the machine.


Ruler feet are always thicker than your other presser feet and visibility can sometimes be an issue because of this. This isn’t a problem with the QR foot though as Janome has carefully thought out the design of this foot: it has a U-shaped cut out at the front of the foot which means you can see what you are stitching, which is so very helpful.

When using the QR foot, you’ll need to use quilting rulers, like those that long-arm quilters have been using for years. These rulers are thicker than the acrylic rulers that you use when cutting with your rotary cutter.


Okay, sorry for shouting, but this is a very important point. You must use rulers that are at least ¼” thick when doing ruler work to avoid having the ruler slide under the foot and damaging the needle and possibly your machine.

If you are new to ruler work, I would suggest getting a straight edge ruler to start to see if you like to do this technique (not everyone is enamoured with ruler work). There are lots of quilting rulers available, so be sure that you want to add this technique to your quilting arsenal before you spend lots of $$$ on rulers that you may never use.

I am working with two Handi Quilter rulers (the Handi Quilter VersaTool and the Handi Quilter Ditch Ruler) in the video as I use these on my Handi Quilter Infinity and they are good ones to start with if you are a beginner.

If you decide that ruler work is for you, you’ll have lots of fun choosing rulers to use when ruler quilting on the Janome MC9400.

Click on the image below to watch a video about attaching and using the QR ruler foot on the Janome MC9400.

Have you tried the QR ruler foot yet? Let me know your thoughts in the Comments below.



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