Telecast Thursday: Singer Two Thread Embroidery Attachment

Welcome to Telecast Thursday!

This week I'll show you one of my rarer vintage sewing machine attachments: the Singer Two Thread Embroidery Attachment (it's so rare it deserves capitalization).

Before we had sewing machines that could stitch out hundreds, maybe even thousands, of decorative stitches, you had to use an attachment to create anything other than a straight stitch. One of these attachments was the two thread embroidery attachment made for Singer sewing machines. While these are cool little machines, it's very hard to find them now. I was fortunate enough to find one mixed in with a lot of Singer attachments and snapped it up right away!

What does it do? Watch the video below or on my Youtube channel to find out.

I can think of lots of creative uses for this attachment and it's really fun to watch it work (a bonus!). 

Now that you know what this attachment looks like, keep your eye out for one if you are a collector of vintage sewing machines. If you find one, grab it quick, so you too can have fun creating embellishments on your projects.

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