Schedule Changes for Chatterbox Quilts

Hi everyone:

If you are one of my Facebook followers you will have been enjoying my Facebook Live videos every Thursday. If you are one of my YouTube subscribers, you will also have been able to view a new video each week, also on Thursday. I realized that you have the opportunity to watch two different videos on the same day and thought that it would probably be better to adjust my video schedule just a bit.

Starting this week, I'll be changing my video schedule so you'll be able to watch my Facebook Live video every Thursday at 1:00 pm MST (you can always catch the replay on my YouTube channel or on my Facebook page afterwards) and my regular Youtube video, with the accompanying blogpost, every Tuesday.

What does this mean for this week? There will be a Facebook Live video on Thursday, September 7, 2017 and no regular YouTube video on that day. The regular YouTube video and blogpost for it will be released on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 and every Tuesday thereafter. So you'll miss one week of a regular YouTube video, but you'll still see me on my Facebook Live this week.

I think this will be a better video schedule for you, my subscribers and viewers, as you'll see me twice in one week. I hope you don't get tired of listening to me ;)

Sign up as one of my Facebook followers and/or YouTube subscribers so you'll be notified when new content is released every week.

If you are already one of my subscribers, thanks so much for watching and commenting on my videos. I really enjoy creating them for you and hope you find value in them.