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3 Tips for Accurate Fabric Cutting

If you have trouble getting precise cuts when cutting your fabrics, let me give you my 3 best tips for safer, more accurate fabric cuts.

Tip #1

You’ll get the best cuts from your fabric if it is starched – a lot! Starching your fabric (or using a starch alternative) will make your fabric stiffer and more paper-like. This will lock the fibres in the fabric together and help to prevent stretching when you are cutting. I find my Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray works really well to make my fabrics stiff (haven’t tried this yet? Click here to get the recipe).


Tip #2

Keep your ruler from slipping as you cut by applying a produce like Invisi Grip to the back of it. This vinyl-like product keeps your ruler steady when you cut. Some rulers, such as Creative Grids or Quilter’s Select, have texture dots on them that keep them from sliding around.


 Tip #3

Move your hand along as you cut. Your hand should always be next to your rotary cutter when you are cutting fabric. Once the rotary cutter goes past your hand it’s time to stop and reposition your hand. You want that pressure on the ruler to be next to where you are cutting.

Kim cutting fabric for TQW.jpg

Click on the image below to watch a video showing you more about getting those important accurate fabric cuts.

Try using these 3 tips to make safer, more accurate fabric cuts.


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