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Quick No Sew Project for Canada's Sesquicentennial

Hi everyone:

Still haven't finished that project to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday (or sesquicentennial, if you are able to pronounce it!)? I've got you covered!


Use some background fabric, a few fabric scraps and embellishments with the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray to create a no sew wall hanging. This is such a simple and easy project, that you may want to make several of them. The best part is how fast it is to whip up.

Here's what you'll need:

  • a piece of background fabric - you choose the size
  • some Canadian appliqués - I chose to cut out some maple leaves with my Artistic Edge digital cuter, but you can choose any motif that says "Canada" to you
  • some embellishments, such as ribbons or other trims
  • a piece of dowel or curtain rod to use to hang your new project

Once you've assembled your materials, decide on your design by arranging your items on the background fabric. Once you have determined your design, affix the items to the background fabric using the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray. If you don't already have the recipe for this amazing, easy to make spray, you can get it here.

To see how this all comes together, you can watch the video below or on my YouTube channel.

I'd love to see your creations, so post your photos in the Comments below or send them to

I hope you enjoy a fantastic Canada Day!



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Vintage Sewing Machines and the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray

Vintage Sewing Machines and the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray

We also use pins when basting our quilt sandwich together, although these are quilting pins and not straight pins. They can still pop open and cause damage or you might be trying to open one up as you are quilting along and accidentally catch it on the bed of the vintage sewing machine. There’s a way to avoid this type of damage to your machine when you are quilting: use the Multi-Purpose Quilt Spray, rather than quilting pins! Get rid of your quilting pins and use this spray to baste your quilt sandwich.