Telecast Thursday - Exploring Kraft Tex

It's Telecast Thursday and this week I'm exploring some new fabric, er paper, er fabric paper. Yes, I'm looking at Kraft-Tex. This combination of fabric and paper is really more like leather or canvas to me. It is made by C & T Publishing and is available in white, natural, stone or chocolate. I grabbed some white to check it out.

If you haven't yet heard about this product, you'll want to watch the video below or on my Youtube channel to see what it's all about.

I can already think of several ways I can use Kraft-Tex, rather than creating book covers or iPad covers. I think it would be great in a mixed media project where I can colour and distress it. I'm thinking 3D flowers, geometric shapes appliquéd to a fabric background...there are lots of ways to use this innovative product.

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Have you tried Kraft-Tex? Leave a comment below to let me know about your experiences with it.