The Singer Salesman and The Dress

Filming videos is a lot of work - there's tons of preparation before I film from choosing props to ensuring that the creation process flows smoothly, but the best part is choosing the wardrobe.


When filming our recent on-line course, The Joy of Vintage Sewing Machines, I had the opportunity to dress in fashions from the 1950's. Who doesn't love the slim bodice, swirling skirts look of that era? It also gave me an excuse to go shopping at a new store. Blame Betty is full of fun fashions from the 1950's, based on the style of Betty Page. Check out their website for lots of funky clothing.

I had fun trying on different styles of dresses and loved the one I eventually chose. Of course I had to buy a crinoline – or petticoat, as they call it – to wear underneath the dress for that added va-voom! The petticoat really makes the dress.

Here's a quick clip from The Joy of Vintage Sewing Machines so you can see the what I'm talking about. You'll also get to see my hubby, who is usually behind the camera, in his first supporting role. If you are having problems viewing this video, you can watch it on my Youtube channel.

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