Uneven Stitch and Flip Block

Welcome to the second Telecast Thursday in July. I hope you're enjoying some summer fun and maybe doing a bit of quilting too.

I'm continuing with my stitch and flip quick quilt blocks this week. We're going to learn how to make an Uneven Stitch and Flip block. I think you could also call this a lozenge block as that's what it looks like to me.

Let's start! You'll need:

  • 1 background square
  • 4 corner squares - see the information below about the sizes of these squares

I've created 2 examples of this Uneven block:

  • In the first example I used a 4" background square and 2 - 1½" squares and 2 - 2½" squares. I placed the similar sized squares opposite/diagonal to each other on the background square. 
  • In the second example I used a 4" background square and all of the corner squares differ in size from one another: 1½" 2" 2½" and 3" squares

You'll use a similar construction technique to the other stitch and flip blocks: drawing a diagonal line on the back of the corner squares and then placing the corner squares on the corners of the background square. You will then stitch on the drawn diagonal lines on each of the corner squares.

Important: You will need to be careful when stitching down the corner squares in this block and I would suggest that you stitch one down and then press it out to the corner of the background square before stitching on the next corner square. If this sounds a bit confusing, just click on the image below to watch the video where it will all be made clear :)

The Uneven Stitch and Flip block is a great way to use up small pieces of fabric as the corner squares don't need to be the same size at all. Just be sure to choose contrasting fabrics for the corner squares - and these don't even have to be the same fabric either.

Have you come up with ideas on how to combine some of the stitch and flip blocks that you've learned? I'd love to hear your ideas, so post them in the Comments below or on my YouTube channel.



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