Still Waiting To Buy Your First Vintage Sewing Machine?

Have you bought your first vintage sewing machine yet? No? What’s holding you back?


Okay, maybe you don’t really like vintage sewing machines. I hope that isn’t the reason you haven’t bought one of these wonderful machines. If it is, no information I can give you will convince you to buy a vintage sewing machine, but, if there are other reasons that you haven’t bought a vintage sewing machine yet, read on.

If your lack of knowledge about vintage sewing machines is preventing you from buying one, I can understand that. It took me hours and hours of research to learn about vintage sewing machines and I know that some people won’t want to spend that amount of time to learn enough to buy their first machine. Maybe you don’t have the time to do this type of research.

Perhaps pricing is an issue. If you don’t have the knowledge, how do you know how much you should spend to buy a vintage sewing machine? You definitely need to be knowledgeable about a vintage sewing machine that you are considering purchasing, but where do you get that information? How do you know what is a fair price for the vintage sewing machine that you are considering buying?


You may be concerned that you buy a vintage sewing machine and then don’t use it. While you might regret your purchase, you can always clean up the machine and re-sell it for more money, making a profit.

Will you be able to rejuvenate your machine? Where do you find the information on how to do this without spending hours online searching through hundreds of websites?

These are just a few of the concerns that you may have and I understand how you feel because I’ve had these doubts too. I bought my first two vintage sewing machines without having a lot of knowledge about them, but, because of my love of diving deep into internet rabbit holes, I soon acquired a lot of knowledge about a wide variety of vintage SINGER® sewing machines. This, of course, led to me starting a collection of vintage sewing machines. You might not be as obsessive as I am, but to buy even one vintage sewing machine you will need some knowledge about them.


I’ve provided lots of valuable FREE information in previous blog posts about vintage sewing machines. If you haven’t yet read these articles and requested the FREE downloads, I’ve listed them on this page for your convenience.

These downloads give you a taste of what you need to know about vintage sewing machines, but I have a lot more knowledge to share. I’ve created a program, Unloved and Unappreciated: Finding the Hidden Value in Vintage Sewing Machines, which explains the 4 steps to evaluating, acquiring, repairing and using a vintage sewing machine. This program will take you step by step through each of these 4 stages to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to purchase your first, but hopefully not your last, vintage sewing machine.

You can find out all about Unloved and Unappreciated by clicking here. This program includes videos, reference documents and additional bonuses. It's chock-full of vintage sewing machine information!

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