The Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Series

There are lots of machines out there and once you have taken this course you will never miss an opportunity again. My course “The Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Series” uses five lessons consisting of a guide and video tutorials to teach the five steps for purchasing a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine so you gain the confidence to make your best deal.

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Vintage Singer Sewing machines

Find out what a vintage Singer sewing machine is and why you should buy one.

Guide: Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

Video Tutorials: Vintage Singer Sewing Machines; Buy A Vintage Sewing Machine

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Find A Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Learn how to decide on a model, where to buy it and how to evaluate it.

Guide: Find a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Video Tutorials: Purchase A Vintage Sewing Machine; Evaluate A Vintage Sewing Machine; Vintage Sewing Machine Attachments

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The Collection

Learn about the various models as Kim shows you the machines in her collection.

Guide: The Collection

Video Tutorials:  The Classic Collection;  The Transitional Collection

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Learn how to restore, repair and maintain your new purchase.

Guide: Restore a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Video Tutorials: Restore Your Vintage Singer Sewing Machine; Repair Your Vintage Singer Sewing Machine; Maintain Your Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

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Projects for Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

Patterns and instructions for projects that demonstrate the capabilities of your machine.

Guide: Projects For Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

Video Tutorials: Featherweight Base Cozy; Table Topper Construction; Table Topper Backing and Quilting


The complete series including all 5 lessons and bonus material.

Five Guides

Thirteen Video Tutorials

Bonus Material

Each lesson includes a guide and videos that we recommend be used together for the best learning experience. The guides make a good learning tool and a great reference document with their clearly written information and colorful photographs. The videos include all the information contained in the guides but have the added advantage of being able to demonstrate the techniques and really show off the beauty of the machines. When used together you get the best of both worlds – the convenience of the guide and the comprehensiveness of the video tutorials. Now we know that you may not want to purchase the whole set (although it is a great deal) so we also offer each lesson in the course for sale separately. That way you can mix and match the way the meets your needs best.

 We encourage you to purchase the complete set (5 guides, 13 videos and bonus materials) to learn all five steps. We really believe that your best outcome will be if you use all 5 lessons so we are including a bonus if you purchase the complete series as a bundle.