This is a fair question because it would appear the it would be a no-brainer to purchase one of these machines, however, the sad fact is that it can be difficult and extremely time consuming to get enough of the right kind of information to prepare yourself to make a purchase.

If you have ever purchased a modern sewing machine you probably had a lot of questions before you made your final decision. In that case you probably got your information from sales people, friends and sales literature from the company. Unfortunately, those sources of information are not as readily available when you are buying a vintage sewing machine. This lack of information can make you uncertain about purchasing and may have caused you to pass up a good deal in the past. 

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I know that the lack of information caused me grief when I first became interested in vintage sewing machines.

I had seen vintage sewing machines before usually used as a piece of decoration in a shop or museum and only became really interested in them when a friend of mine offered to sell me her Singer 99K. It was a beautiful machine but I was uncertain what I was looking at. Frankly, I bought it more for its looks than for its ability to sew well and she sold it to me for a good price. Although I was happy with my purchase I quickly realized that my lack of knowledge was a big liability especially since the wiring on my new 99K was so rotten that the insulation was falling off. 


The quest to find a way to repair the wiring led me to discover just how difficult it is to find information to help make decisions about 99K and other machines that I might become interested in. Information was scattered and often focused on the collector – someone who knew a lot already. I was interested in all the various models but mostly I just wanted to know what to buy and how to restore my purchases.

If you have ever tried to learn about the vintage sewing machines you may have had the same experience that I had when I first started. You see older machines for sale but won’t know how to determine if they were functional. It is really frustrating to be presented with an opportunity to purchase a machine and not have the knowledge to make a good and timely decision. Frustration only increases when you decide to educate yourself, only to find that that information is not readily available. You would like to see the machines in operation so that you can understand their capabilities and see how much work it may be to restore them, however, you find that much of the information is written and just doesn’t convey what you need to know effectively.

It was only after a long time and significant effort that I gained enough knowledge to be confident that I could purchase a vintage sewing machine that would serve me well and also be a “great deal”.  After seeing so many opportunities go by and finding out how difficult it was to get information I decided to take all my learnings and organize them into course that teaches you 5 easy steps to purchase your vintage Singer sewing machine. I've done the work for you.