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The Five Steps

Now lets talk about the Five Steps: Choose, Find, Evaluate, Restore, Use.

Step #1 – Choose

It is important to decide which machine you want because ultimately that will determine your price. The more rare or popular a model is the higher the price you will pay. For example, Featherweights are very popular so they tend to command a higher price.

Determining what features you need will help you choose the model types that you should be on the lookout for. Do you need reverse, or decorative stitches or to have the feed dogs go down so you can free-motion quilt? Each model is slightly different so it is important to make sure that you are looking at one that meets your needs.

Step #2 – Find

Once you have decided the range of machines that you are interested in you need to actually find one. Understanding the pros and cons of the various places that these machines may be sold will help you save time by narrowing your search.

Looking for machines in the right place can have a big impact on how hard you have to look and how much you will have to pay.

Step #3 – Evaluate

Before you make the purchase it is important to evaluate the machine so you can determine that it will meet your needs and if the price is fair.

If you purchase a machine without knowing how to evaluate it, you may pay more than it is worth or worse end up with a machine that does not work.

Evaluating a machine is straightforward if you have done your homework and you take a step-by-step approach.

Step #4 – Restore

Most purchases require a little Tender Loving Care once you get them home but a few simple techniques will get them back to working condition if you have done a good job evaluating the machine.

A good cleaning with the right products will usually allow the true beauty of your machine and its case shine through.

The good news is that a few straight forward repairs will restore most machines even if you got a really good deal by purchasing a “fixer-upper”.

Step #5 – Use

Show off your newly restored machine by making something with it. Practicing with your machine will make you familiar with its capabilities and really increase your appreciation for the effort you made to restore it.