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Hi, I'm Kim Jamieson-Hirst, the person behind Chatterbox Quilts.

I have a “squirrel” mentality and am distracted by the latest quilting pattern, notion or opportunity to buy a vintage sewing machine. I guess this explains the overflow of books, patterns and WIP’s in my studio.

This squirrel mentality explains why I blog weekly, create YouTube quilting videos and teach online courses. It's also why I go down quilting rabbit holes whenever I see something that interests me.

My favourite part of quilting is designed the project and picking out the fabric. My least favourite part is binding. I do a great job, but really don’t like doing this. I really don’t.

I LOVE to read real, paper, take to the beach, carry in your purse, books. I consume thrillers, especially of the psychological bent. You’ll also find me reading supernatural books. Favourite author: Stephen King. Enough said.

Favourite movie: The Wizard of Oz, no, it's Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Wait! It's really A Christmas Story. There’s that squirrel thinking again!

I love all animals and would adopt every stray kitten or puppy that I found if I could. Oh, there is one exception: I don’t really like llamas. There was a traumatic llama-snorting-on-me incident in my teens. A little leery of them ever since.

I always wanted to be a cowgirl when I grew up. My dream came true when I moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was an outrider for a chuck wagon in the Calgary Stampede Parade. Yahoo!

Favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon: binge watching Stranger Things or Supernatural on Netflix while eating chocolate, drinking a chai latte with a cat on my lap OR rummaging through items at an estate sale looking for that perfect vintage linen.

I've designed quilting and hand embroidery patterns, but now focus on sharing my quilting and vintage sewing machine knowledge through my blogposts, YouTube videos and online programs.

If you're interested in all kinds of quilting topics and love vintage sewing machines, join me in my private Chatterbox Quilts Facebook group - it's a llama-free zone :)