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Hi, I’m Kim! You may know me as Chatterbox Quilts. You may’ve watched my YouTube videos, read my blogposts or purchased one of my patterns (if so, thanks!). You may not know that I am the creator and host of an online membership site called The Quilter’s Way. It’s a new view of quilting that I’d like to share with you.

As a quilter, you’ve probably taken a class or two. You may have other friends who are quilters. You may have family members that don’t understand your addiction (okay, that might just be in my family!). In any case, you love quilting and enjoy meeting and chatting with other quilters. While you definitely want to learn new techniques and improve your skills, you realize that that is only a small part of the quilting experience.

Enter The Quilter’s Way.

In The Quilter’s Way you’ll discover more than just how to stitch an accurate ¼” seam and match up your seams accurately. Sure, there are courses and videos on skills and techniques to help you, but you’ll find so much more.

Many quilters complain that they can’t find time to quilt or don’t make use of their time efficiently.

We help you with that in The Quilter’s Way.

Have a disorganized or cluttered studio? You’ll be able to get lots of helpful information to fix that in The Quilter’s Way.

Want to be able to learn and progress at your own pace without having to keep up with a schedule?

No problem, all of the information in The Quilter’s Way is yours to enjoy as long as you are a member.

Don’t have any local quilting friends and want to share your love of quilting with other like-minded quilters?

That’s a large part of The Quilter’s Way with members from all over the world, sharing and helping one another in a safe, distraction-free community.

There’s so much to The Quilter's Way that you really need to experience it. That’s why I offer a FREE trial. You’ll get access to everything The Quilter's Way has to offer. It’s the best way to see how membership in The Quilter's Way can make your quilting experience the best it can be.

Not ready to take advantage of the FREE trial, but want to know the type of information you can find in The Quilter’s Way?

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Help me get organized so I have more time to quilt.



Help me understand why I will be happier when I am part of a fun quilting community.

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Help me improve my quilting techniques and learn new skills.

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