Quick Snowball Block Variation #1

Welcome to another Telecast Thursday! This week you'll learn how to make another really simple block. This might be the simplest quick quilt block that there is and it makes for a really quick and easy quilt project.

Some people call this flipped corners block, but I know it as the Snowball block. I prefer to create it when the weather is warmer as it just makes me feel cold when I think I'm making a Snowball block:)

To make this block you will need:

  • 1 background square
  • 4 smaller corner squares

In my example, I'm using a 6" background square and 4 - 2½" squares for the corners. 

Be sure to use contrasting fabrics for the corner squares to get the desired effect.

Using a removable marker (Frixion pen in my case), draw a diagonal line on the back of the 4 - 2½" squares. You'll be placing these on each of the 4 corners of the background square and stitching along the drawn diagonal lines.

After stitching on all the diagonal lines, trim off the excess fabric that is underneath and press the corner squares out to the corner of the background square. 

Congrats! You've made one Snowball block.

To see how I make a Snowball block and get extra half-square triangle units, click on the image below.

Have you made Snowball blocks before? What is your favourite way to use these easy-to-make blocks? Leave me a comment below or on my YouTube channel to let me know.



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