Assessing a Vintage Sewing Machine

Assessing a Vintage Sewing Machine

One of the most important things I learned from my early experiences was that you need to be able to assess a machine knowledgeably when considering a purchase to ensure that you pay a fair price for it. The best deals are when someone is selling a machine privately and you usually do not have a lot of time to look the machine over. You really need to know about the model you are considering and ensure all the important parts are functional, and, if they aren’t, that you will be able to fix them. You don’t want to miss out on a good deal, but you also want to ensure that you are getting a functional machine.

The Most Important Vintage Sewing Machine Attachment

The Most Important Vintage Sewing Machine Attachment

The owner's manual is a critical source of information about how to use, maintain and even repair your sewing machine. You’ll need the manual to learn how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin and use the machine properly. The manual explains what would’ve originally been included in the machine purchase. It details the attachments that would’ve been sold with the machine.

EBay Is Not The Place To Buy A Vintage Sewing Machine

EBay Is Not The Place To Buy A Vintage Sewing Machine

If you are looking for a really great deal and you are comfortable in your ability to assess a vintage sewing machine, then I recommend that you buy local. Yes, you can buy a vintage sewing machine from eBay, but sewing machines are heavy so even if you find a good deal online you are going to have to pay some hefty shipping charges to get it to your house. You have a better chance of getting a good deal on a vintage sewing machine if you find one locally that is underpriced due to its condition. Vintage sewing machines that needs some tender loving care are your best bet.

Book Review: The Big Book of Table Toppers

In this blogpost I'm taking a look at another "big book" published by That Patchwork Place: The Big Book of Table Toppers

As the title indicates, this is a collection of table topper designs: 56 of them, in fact. That's a lot of table toppers! This is a great collection of projects ranging from table runners to table toppers with a variety of pieced and appliqué projects. You'll find designs in a variety of looks and sizes. I'm sure you'll find several projects that you can make as gifts or for your own home.

You can watch the book review video below or on my YouTube channel.

You will find seasonal and holiday designs in The Big Book of Table Toppers from spring projects to Christmas designs. The book contains designs of varying skill levels so you will find a project to make whether you are a beginning quilter or more advanced.

This book, like the other previously issued "big books" doesn't include quilting construction information, but you will find comprehensive information on Martingale's website. 

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If you want a book that contains many and varied table topper designs, you'll want to buy The Big Book of Table Toppers to add to your quilt library.



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