How to Make Hanging Tabs for Your Wall Hangings

You know I try to avoid extra work when I'm quilting whenever possible, right? This thinking also extends to what I use to hang my wall hanging. I could add a hanging sleeve to the back of my projects, but this would mean that I would have to hand stitch the bottom of the hanging sleeve to the back of the wall hanging. I try to avoid this if I can...and I can!

How do I avoid this extra hand stitching? By adding hanging tabs, rather than a hanging sleeve, to the back of my wall hangings.

These are really quick to make and work for a lot of different sized projects. While I typically use two tabs for a project, you could always add more, depending on the size of your wall hanging. 

Watch the video below or on my YouTube channel to see how to make these easy hanging tabs.

Do you use hanging sleeves on the back of your wall hangings? Leave me a Comment below to let me know what you use to keep your projects on the wall.


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