Pricing Guide for Vintage Sewing Machines

Although price is a big consideration when looking for a vintage sewing machine it is important that you find the model that meets your need first and then evaluate the condition of the specific machine before landing on a final price. This guide is a starting point to help you get the right vintage sewing machine at the right price. It is divided into three sections that contain information to help you negotiate a fair price for the model you want:

  • Price Ranges 
  • Price Adjustment Checklist
  • Price Setting Tips

Price Range Chart

When you first start looking for a vintage sewing machine you’ll notice that there are a variety of models at a dizzying array of prices. It can all be quite intimidating! Don't worry, follow these easy steps to determine a fair price:

  1. Decide on the model you are interested in based on your needs and price range
  2. Determine the price range for the model that you wish to purchase. The price range charts included in the pricing guide can be useful source for approximate pricing. You may need adjust the prices in the chart for your local conditions.
  3. Adjust the price based on the condition of the machine that you are interested in. The pricing guide provides an adjustment checklist to help you understand what factors will affect the price that you will have to pay.
  4. Buy It and Enjoy!

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