Telecast Thursday - Fly Stitch Tutorial

It's another Telecast Thursday and time for more hand embroidery stitches! So far we've mastered the back stitch, the running stitch and the seed stitch. This week's video shows you how to do a fly stitch, which is a little more complicated than the first three stitches that you learned. Don't worry, it's not that complex and it is very effective if you use it on swirls and circles. 

You can watch the video below or on my Youtube channel

I hope you're finding these tutorials helpful and are trying out some of these stitches on actual projects. If you're looking for projects using these stitches, check out my FREE embroidery patterns. You'll be learning more stitches in future Telecast Thursday tutorials, allowing you to complete some of the designs, such as Flourishing Heart, that use more than these three stitches. 

Let me know how the stitching goes - and send me photos of your projects.