I'm doing a happy dance today and I'll tell you why: I've reached over 1000 subscribers on my Youtube channel!

I can remember when I only had a handful of subscribers and was just thrilled that someone was watching my content. I was over the moon when I reached 500 subscribers and am definitely doing a happy dance due to my over 1000 subscribers.

Thanks so much for your support. Your comments and questions let me know that you're watching and interested in what I'm creating.

Charlie and Teeka are also excited about this milestone and want to share their excitement with you. You can watch the video below or on my Youtube channel.

I hope you'll continue to watch my videos and let me know what you're interested in seeing on my channel. As for me, I'm planning my next videotaping so you'll continue to receive new videos each and every week – guaranteed!

If you aren't already a subscriber, be sure to join the group at Chatterbox Quilts.