Quilt Basting Spray for Digital Cutters

Welcome to another episode of Telecast Thursday. This week I'm taking another look at homemade quilt basting spray. I think I should start calling it "multi-purpose quilt spray" as I'm finding more uses for it than just to help in the basting process.

If you haven't already watched my previous videos on this quilt spray, be sure to check them out on my Youtube channel. You'll find links on YouTube in the Description area below this week's video to make it easy to find the previous videos about this spray.

I've discovered that this quilt basting spray also works to stiffen fabric and this is exactly what I needed to do to my fabric to make cutting it on a digital cutter much more precise. I use a Janome Artistic Edge to cut out my fusible appliqué pieces and have found that stiffening the fabric prior to cutting makes for more accurate cuts. 

I spray the homemade quilt basting spray onto the fabric, iron it until it is dry and can then proceed cutting out my appliqué pieces with my Janome Artistic Edge. 

Watch the video below for complete instructions on how to use the spray or watch it on my YouTube channel.

I hope you'll try out this homemade multi-purpose spray and let me know when you do. I'm sure you'll find it's a help in the quilt studio and economical as well.