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How to use the Tracing Feature with the Janome Artistic Edge

This Telecast Thursday I'm going to let you in on one of my favourite features on the Janome Artistic Edge - besides the fact that it cuts amazingly well and is so fast too.

There are so many things that the Janome Artistic Edge can do: cut paper, vinyl, leather, fabric, apply crystals, and oh, so much more. I have been mostly using it to cut appliqué shapes from fabric and having great success using it to cut out the intricate appliqué shapes in the One World quilt. The SimpleCut software comes pre-bundled with the Janome Artistic Edge and is used to operate the machine. It has many helpful features and one of these is the "trace" feature. I use this feature all the time for two reasons:

  • to tell me exactly where the Edge will be cutting the appliqué shape out of my fabric, which allows me to make any necessary adjustments. 
  • to tell me how much fabric I need to prepare for appliqué shapes which makes for economical use of fabric and fusible web.

To see more detail on how to use the trace feature, watch the video below or on my YouTube channel.

This is just one of the advantages of the SimpleCut software and the more I'm using it, the more I realize how much it can do!

If you have a digital cutter, let me know in the comments below what your favourite feature is.



Janome Artistic Edge: Fabric Preparation

It's Thursday and that means it's time for another Telecast Thursday blogpost.

This week I'm taking a look at how to prepare your fabric to be cut with a digital cutter, such as the Janome Artistic Edge. It seems that some cutters don't like it when fabric is fabric-y and not paper-y. In this video I'll show you how to make your fabric stiffer - more paper-y - so that the digital cutter can do its very best job. 

Watch the video below or on my YouTube channel.

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Let me know your best tips to achieving peak performance from your digital cutter in the comments below.



Telecast Thursday - First Look at the Janome Artistic Edge cutter

Welcome to another Telecast Thursday! This week I'm sharing my first impressions of my latest tool: the Janome Artistic Edge digital cutter.

Thanks to Janome Canada, I have a new toy, er tool, in my quilt studio and am enjoying learning and playing with the Janome Artistic Edge. I love the large 15" x 15" mat that came with it and the fact that this particular model is wireless. It's very quiet and fast when it cuts. 


I'm using the Artistic Edge to cut the appliqué shapes in some of the blocks in the One World Quilt Along (if you haven't joined us in this online quilt along, I hope you will). I love how easily and accurately it cuts these intricate shapes.

Watch the video below or on my YouTube channel to see some of the features of this amazing digital cutter. 

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Like to own your own Janome Artistic Edge digital cutter? You could win one if you join us as a Quilter in the One World Quilt Along. If you're impatient and want to get one right now, you can purchase one here.

Have you tried the Janome Artistic Edge yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions on it. Just leave a comment below.



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