Book Review: Visible Mending

I found just the book I need! I recently bought a black semi-sheer top and didn't notice that it had two small holes near the hemline in the front. It wasn't until I got it home that I noticed them and was so disappointed. I wasn't sure what to do: whether I should darn the holes or try another solution, so the top has just been hanging in my closet. Enter the book I'm reviewing today: Visible Mending by Jenny Wilding Cardon.


While no one ever relishes mending, you might actually be looking for garments on which to do this once you take a look at this book! In Visible Mending, Jenny shows you five different ways to fix your favourite garments that may have just a bit too much wear on them. Two of these techniques involve hand work while the remaining ones can be done on the sewing machine.

Boro stitching and hand embroidery are both easy techniques and Jenny shows you various easy stitches on how to use these to fix holes in a top, sweater or other pieces of clothing.


If you want to use your sewing machine to mend those holes, there are sections on patching, darning, and mending by machine. Whatever technique you choose, the stitching is meant to be seen. This makes it easier, in my opinion, to do these repairs as you don't have to try to hide the fix.


For a closer look at Visible Mending, click on the photo below to watch a video on my YouTube channel.

If you are looking for creative ways to fix holes in your favourite clothing, get your own copy of Visible Mending by Jenny Wilding Cardon.



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