Telecast Thursday - Card Tables and Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

Welcome to Telecast Thursday! Today I'd like to show you one of my recent acquisitions. No, I haven't taken up card playing - I lose too often against my son - but this is actually an accessory for one of my vintage Singer sewing machines. 

You may see this type of table at garage sales and it looks like a regular card table, but there is a slight difference: there's a cut-out in the top of it. 

Singer Featherweight Card Table Insert

Do you know what it's for? If you don't, watch the video below or on my Youtube channel to find out.

I think this would be the perfect table to use with my Singer Featherweight 221 to do some outdoor sewing this summer. I just need to sand down the edge and refinish it with some black paint - sounds like another summer project.

Singer Featherweight in Card Table
Singer Featherweight Card Table with machine

If you're wondering about the acrylic piece screwed into the Featherweight bed, it's Nova Montgomery's Sew Straight guide. It's perfect to use as a fabric guide and can be easily adjusted for various seam widths. The best part is that it doesn't scratch the machine bed and I like that! Order one from Nova and tell her Kim sent you.

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