Singer Featherweight 221 Card Table Update

Remember when I bought that card table, which just happened to actually be a table for the Singer Featherweight 221? If you haven't read about that purchase, you can read all about it in this blogpost. I was thrilled with the find, but the table needed a bit of sprucing up. I managed to get to that this past summer and I'm excited to share the results with you.

While the wood top was in good condition, the sides of the table, which were painted black, needed repainting desperately. I picked up a black semi-gloss latex paint that I thought would work okay.

Black paint.jpg

Before I could repaint, I had to sand down the areas where the paint had worn off to feather them into the remaining paint. I did this carefully with a palm sander and a sanding block. You can see one of these areas, after sanding, in the photo below.


Before painting I had to tape all around the edges to prevent the paint from contaminating the wood top. I used a foam brush to minimize the brush strokes. Painting isn't really my forté.

FW card table top.jpg

I needed to apply two coats to completely cover the bare wood areas. You can see a portion of the repainted area in the photo below (paint is still not completely dry).


The table looks much better than when I purchased it, although the paint is not as shiny as it originally was - maybe I should've gone for the glossy finish, although it would show wear easier.

Here's another shot of the repainted edge. 


I was pretty pleased with my efforts and the painting didn't take much time at all. The sanding took the longest as I was careful that I didn't sand off too much table!

I also found that I needed to tighten up the screws on the table legs - that made a big difference in the stability of the table. I guess things can get a bit loose over the decades of sewing.

Now my little card table is ready to start stitching - I just need to add the machine.