Stitch and Flip Blocks

I wanted to share some more quick quilt blocks with you. This one is one of my favourites: the Stitch and Flip Block. I've made a few table runners using this versatile block and I know that you'll create lots of projects with it too!

This is a very simple block that only uses two fabrics for each block. Here's what you'll need:

  • one 5" square of fabric
  • two 2 1/2" squares of fabric

Be sure that the two fabrics have a strong contrast between them to get the desired effect - which is to see the design that you are creating.

I have used a charm square for one fabric and two mini-charm squares, that are both the same fabric, for the contrasting fabric that will be forming the new corners of this block. You can use different sizes to create this block, if you wish, just be sure that the two smaller squares are half the size of the background square. For example, if your background square is 7", the two smaller squares should be 3 1/2" each. See how good I am at math! :)

Here's what you need to do with these squares:

  • Draw a diagonal line on the back of both of the smaller squares - the 2 1/2" ones in my example.
  • Place these smaller squares, right sides together (RST), on opposite corners on the background  (5" square in my example) square. Watch the video for fabric orientation.
  • Stitch on the drawn diagonal line on both of the smaller squares (the 2 1/2" ones in my example). 
  • Trim off the excess corners, 1/4" away from the stitched lines.
  • Press to the corners.

You will now have one Stitch and Flip Block completed.

Watch the video below or on my YouTube channel for correct fabric orientation for those smaller squares so you'll get the desired effect when you've finished stitching. 

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This is a great block to make a heartfelt quilt as it forms X and O blocks. I've shown you a few ways you can combine Stitch and Flip Blocks, but if you have more ideas, please post them in the comments below.