Text Design for The Oath from Quilt Traditions

Today I'm going to do a bit of bragging, something I try not to do. I'm mentioned in a book! My name is in a book. I'm in a book!

I was so excited to read the Acknowledgements section in Devon Lavigne's book, Quilt Traditions, because I was in it! There's nothing like seeing your name in print and I just felt so proud. Why was Devon mentioning me in her book? Because I helped her with a small part of "The Oath", one of the projects in Quilt Traditions

While Devon is a piecer, I love to appliqué, specifically fusible web or raw edge appliqué. Devon was working on Quilt Traditions and wanted to add some text and numbers to one of the projects in the book. She reached out to me to ask if I could help her out and of course I said yes!

I needed to design and appliqué letters and words for the two side borders on The Oath. It was a bit of a challenge, but I was very pleased with the end result. The Oath celebrates a special event, in this case an anniversary, and little did I know that the date on the quilt was actually Devon and her husband, Rob's wedding date. This made the quilt even more special!

To learn how I created the appliqué for The Oath, you can watch the video below or on my YouTube channel.

Devon and I have collaborated on another project: the online Potion Quilt Along. You can join us for this 4 part pieced quilt along from anywhere in the world - that's why I love the internet! Learn how to do a partial seam technique when creating the blocks in Potion as well as helpful tips on construction. Devon and I will give you tips and the back story behind this quilt from Quilt Traditions. Register now so you'll be ready to join us when the Potion Quilt Along kicks off on July 17, 2017.



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Design Inspiration with Devon Lavigne

NOTE: This is a re-issue of the initial blogpost, which had some technical errors in it.

I love books, especially quilting books and I have bookcases full of them to prove it! While I enjoy flipping through these books for inspiration or to find my next quilt to create, I really like to hear the back stories that are behind the book. 

I was fortunate enough to chat with Devon Lavigne, co-author or Fresh From the Prairies, about her latest book, Quilt Traditions. This book contains 12 different projects, mostly of a pieced nature, and uses a range of techniques to create these quilts. I sat down with Devon in her home just outside of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada to talk about the theme of Quilt Traditions and the inspiration behind some of the projects in it.

Watch the video below or on my YouTube channel.

I love the idea behind Quilt Traditions: celebrating different events in a girl's life. I so admire Devon's design ideas and how she crafts her quilt designs. I'm more of an appliqué quilter, than a piecing one so I am always fascinated when I see intricate-looking pieced designs. This is why I was so pumped when Devon wanted to collaborate with me on the Potion Quilt Along. It gave me the perfect opportunity to work with some half-square triangles, which I love, as well as learning how to make a block with a partial seam.

If you'd like to enrol in the online Potion Quilt Along, you can find out more information here. We'd love to have you join us :)



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Potion Summer Quilt Along

In my previous blogpost, a review of Quilt Traditions by Devon Lavigne, I dropped a hint that Devon and I were working on a collaboration. It's here: I'm thrilled to announce that Devon Lavigne and I have partnered up to bring you the online Potion Quilt Along!

Potion, one of the quilts in her recently released book, Quilt Traditions, is a pieced 69" x 81" quilt. The quilt along is in 4 parts, with each part being released every two weeks, so you can create this quilt by the end of summer. In addition to the pattern for Potion, you'll also receive videos from both Devon and I to help you make your own version of Potion. We've also included some handy reference materials so you can make either Devon's version or mine. 

Devon and I had lots of fun working on this quilt along together and can hardly wait for you to enrol so you can make your own version of Potion.

For more information, you can watch the video below or on my YouTube channel.

Enrol in the online Potion Quilt Along today and start gathering your fabrics. The Potion Quilt Along kicks off on July 17, 2017.