Telecast Thursday - Quilt Basting Spray Revisited

This is a special Telecast Thursday as my hubby and I are celebrating our 32nd anniversary. As you must've guessed, I was a child bride :)

I've had lots of comments and questions on my homemade quilt basting spray so I thought it was time to revisit this topic. Many of my viewers have tried it and been very pleased with the results. Some were wondering how long you could keep the spray and if it evaporated over time or if it might cause issues if left in their quilt. In this video I'm addressing some of these issues.

You can watch the video below or on my YouTube channel

NOTE: Don't use the homemade quilt basting spray on fusible webbing, interfacing or stabilizer as it may damage these products and make them ineffective. I have only tried this on regular quilting cotton, so cannot attest to its effectiveness with any other type of produce. 

If you've tried the homemade quilt basting spray, I'd love to hear how you liked it. If you have any questions that I didn't address in this video, let me know so I can answer them in a future video.

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